KLEARWAY ORAL APPLIANCE

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Klearway™ is a fully-adjustable or titratable oral appliance used for the treatment of snoring and mild to moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Fabricated of thermoactive acrylic resin, Klearway becomes pliable with hot water for easy insertion and conforms securely to the dentition for an excellent fit, while significantly decreasing soft tissue and tooth discomfort. Small increments (0.25mm) of forward lower jaw advancement are initiated by the patient under the direction of a dentist and this helps avoid rapid jaw movements that can cause significant patient discomfort.

Once warmed under hot water and inserted, the acrylic resin hardens as it cools to body temperature and firmly affixes itself to both arches. Lateral and vertical jaw movement is permitted which enables the patient to yawn, swallow, and drink water naturally without dislodging the appliance.  Klearway is easy to insert or remove and is quite comfortable once in place.  This is a well researched and widely used appliance.






  • The Thornton Adjustable Positioner (TAP®) oral appliance is a very popular mandibular advancement device composed of two separate arches (maxillary and mandibular) containing an advancing mechanism which permits advancement of the lower jaw. The arches are custom fit to a patient's models and fit very snug.tapIIonteeth

The advancing mechanism is engaged and the screw mechanism in the upper tray is then adjusted or titrated to the most beneficial protrusive setting.  TAP appliances have a very small profile; yet a proven success in some of the more severe cases. 







SomnoMed MAS

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The Somnomed MAS™ is a Mandibular Advancement Splint (MAS) that treats snoring and mild to moderate OSA by moving the lower jaw forward slightly.  This forward movement tightens the soft tissues and muscles of the upper airway, which prevents them obstructing the airway while you sleep.  The tightening created by the device also prevents the tissues of the upper airway vibrating as air passes over them- the most common cause of loud snoring. 

The SomnoMed MAS is a custom-made device, consisting of upper and lower dental plates with a unique patented fin-coupling component, which allows normal mouth opening and closing.  The device is adjustable, which provides adjustable levels of lower jaw advancement.  This improves the effectiveness and comfort level of treatment, as the jaw is moved only as far as it requires to alleviate the condition.  The SomnoMed MAS design has a number of key features that are significant improvements on existing MAS oral appliances.  These improvements make the device both more comfortable and provide more effective treatment



  • Permits normal mouth opening and closing
No feeling of claustrophobia; allows speech and drinking during night.
  • Fits comfortable in mouth

Provides normal tongue space; permits full lip seal; discreet when worn.


  • Incrementally adjustable

Can find optimum position; provides more comfort and improves patient tolerance.

  • Stable, flat occlusion                                                                                                                                                              

Better protection for teeth because forces are evenly distributed over the two plates.    

  • Clinically demonstrated

Demonstrated to work in most cases of snoring and mild to moderate OSA.

  • Quality construction

Superior comfort; longer life provides value for money compared with lower cost products.

  • Warranty against breakage

Will be repaired or replaced if broken through normal wear within warranty period.

  • Customizable to suite patients' needs

Devices are available with additional features which may suit bruxers and mouth breathers.



SomnoDent Herbst Advance™

The SomnoDent Herbst Advance is the first and only intraoral device featuring a visual calibration indicator for the treatment of OSA, giving you and your patients greater control over OSA therapy.

Herbst Advance™ BenefitsHERBST-ADVANCE-BLUE

  • High level of patient comfort and satisfaction
  • E0486 Medicare approved
  • Reduced chair time due to minimal adjustments needed
  • Proprietary SMH BFlex lining that does not attract odors or delaminate
  • Supported by years of medical research
  • 3 year product warranty against manufacturing defects for Medicare patients; 2 years for Non-Medicare patients
    FDA 510(k) cleared, Class II Medical Devices
  • All devices manufactured under 21 CFR 820 and ISO 13485 standards




Herbst Telescopic Appliance


The Herbst Appliance has been proven to be effective on chronic snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea sufferers. This appliance allows patients to move laterally and vertically without disengaging the appliance. Also, if it is determined that the initial position does not provide the anticipated relief of the condition, the mandible can easily be moved forward by a Telescopic Advancing Mechanism in 1/4 mm increments by making one turn of the protrusion collar. The appliance can be fabricated from hard acrylic, thermoactive and soft materials and is tooth retained via friction grip or clasps.

The Herbst Appliance is a mandibular repositioner that has been in use many years for orthodontic and TMJ therapy prior to its modification for treatment of sleep disordered breathing.

The advantage of the Herbst appliance is that it does not encroached on tongue space and allows for quick and easy  mandibular protrusive adjustability. This is accomplished through simple manipulation of the rod/sleeve plunger mechanism. Vertical opening  is up to 5 mm and there is limited freedom of movement for the mandible in a lateral direction. Bilateral interarch elastics are recommended to keep the jaw closed during

                         RESPIRE BLUE+                                               

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  • The new Blue+ device has a 4-wing design with 2 adjustable and 2 fixed wings.                                        
  • The additional support helps balance the forces on the device during lateral movements.
  • No acrylic in the anterior allows for an increased opening for the tongue to come foward naturally.                                        
  • New Generation of Oral Appliances with significantly more tongue space.
  • Re-engineered for more successful treatment                                                                                                   
    • Ultra Thin, Ultra Strong, Ultra Conservative.


                                        MicrO2 SLEEP& SNORE DEVICE

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  • The first CAD/CAM milled Obstructive Sleep Apnea Appliance, MicrO2 offers dentists a new, innovative option for treating the growing number of patients diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).
  • The MicrO2 is entirely and uniquely CAD/CAM milled for accuracy, material consistency, and durability. Along with digital simplicity ,MicrO2 offers your patients the most comfortable and easy to use device of its kind.
    • Lingualess Splint Design for maximum tongue space; most comfortable and easiest to wear
    • No Mechanisms to adjust: easiest for clinicians and patients to manage during a sleep study or from home
    • Twin-mated post design at Unique 90 degree Angle for Supine Sleeping Patients.
    • Healthier material: 90% less monomer leaching than all other hand manufactured devices.

  • The MicrO2 uses an innovative titration method, combining pairs of upper/lower arches to create stepped protrusion settings



Snore Guard

Snore Guard®, an oral appliance easily assembled at chair side, comprises a structure shaped to  conform to the upper dental arch of the user and to create a ramp behind the lower anteriors. This ramp prevents the user's jaw from receding; in addition, the tongue seeks an opening between the upper and lower portion of the Snore Guard, thus keeping the air passage of the throat open.

It is made of two polycarbonate thermoplastics fused together under high pressure. This unique combination of materials allows stability of the unit while providing ease of wear and insertion.

Snore Guard has been marketed since 1989 with a 95% reported success rate for reducing snoring. Snore Guard's design allows the user to breathe orally while promoting nasal breathing. It also permits lateral movement of the mandible.


silent_niteSilent Nite

The Silent Nite® appliance is prescribed by many dentists for the initial treatment of snoring. It is a laboratory made appliance that can be adjusted by changing the white side straps. Persons with mild sleep apnea also may be treated when surgical and other medical treatments are ineffective or not desired. A soft/hard frame material is available for increased patient comfort.




Additional Appliances Carried in our Office


myTAP - Anti Snoring Device 

Apnea Guard - is a temporary oral appliance that provides outcomes equivalent to a custom appliance for obstructive sleep apnea.

Pure Sleep - is a self molded retainer that is FDA-cleared to reduce snoring by holding your lower jaw slightly forward of its normal position while you sleep.

The ProventNasal Device -  The ProventNasal Device uses a valve design that attaches over the nostrils and is secured in place with hypoallergenic adhesive. The valve opens and closes, redirecting air through small holes to create resistance when breathing.

Rest Assured- Similar to Snoreguard

EMA- Similar to Herbst or Silent Nite

NORAD (Nocturnal Oral Airway Dilation)- Similar to Therasnore but with vertical adjustment as well

Snore-Aid- for patients with no upper teeth





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